The inaugural Commodity Business Awards were announced at a special ceremony at London’s Glaziers Hall, London Bridge, presented by Gyles Brandreth. The Commodity Business Awards recognise and reward excellence in 20 key commodity business disciplines; whether that’s in the physical and/or financial arena, in trading, risk management, structuring, finance, research, advisory, logistics, legal, or specialist technology.

“Commodity business has finally been elevated to its rightful place: Critical. Over the last decade commodities have moved from a somewhat chaotic niche, into a mainstream investment opportunity. As we grow older and around 2-3 billion souls are added to our ranks, the responsibilities we have as to how the Earth’s natural resources are developed and evenly spread remains the challenge,” says Guy Isherwood, Awards Patron and Publisher/Editor of Commodities Now magazine.

“These Awards recognise and reward talent and excellence throughout the commodity complex ... to those companies making a significant impact on the way commodity business is conducted – recognising those institutions making a positive contribution to the development of markets, client responsibility, and investor satisfaction,” added Isherwood.

“In our business we have developed global market-based mechanisms to achieve the desired outcomes and, whilst not perfect, the responsibilities we have to our employers, shareholders and clients should not overshadow our need to develop markets responsibly and ethically.”

“We intend that these Awards become an important marker in the commodities calendar in years to come,” he added.