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Commodity Business Awards – Privacy Policy

This document sets out the Commodity Business Awards Privacy Policy (the "Online Privacy Policy") for this Website; Whilst using this Website you are agreeing to the Online Privacy Policy as set forth. The online privacy policy does not govern practices with offline activities. Isherwood Production Limited – owners of the Commodity Business Awards – respects your privacy and we work hard to safeguard the privacy of your personal information. By ensuring the correct and confidential use of any information given to us we are determined to ensure that any information collected by the Website is handled in a manner consistent with promoting trust and confidence.

How your personal information is collected

Whilst visiting this Website you may undertake activities that do not require you to provide any information. Other areas of the Website, however, do require information from the visitor. These activities are completely optional and by agreeing to submitting information to this Website, you agree to both the Terms of Use and the Online Privacy Policy. When undertaking activities where information is required, this Commodity Business Awards Website may ask you to provide such information such as your first and last name, company name, position, address, city, country, phone number, email address and other personal information. Some of this information may be optional, in which case the information is not required to undertake that specific activity. Where the information required is mandatory this must be provided to undertake the specific activity. Whilst using this Website, Isherwood Production Limited collects information concerning certain technical and routing information. This information allows us to view information such as browser type, operating system used and the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer. This information is strictly only used for creating views of the use of the site and its services. None of this information is matched to any personal information provided to the Website.

How your personal information is used

This Commodity Business Awards Website only records your information on this Website, to support and facilitate those services that are made available to you the user, that require such information. The personal information you provide is protected by Isherwood Production and is only used by the Website. Your personal information is not divulged to any other third parties without your expressed agreement.

Use of cookies

This Commodity Business Awards Website may also use "cookies" and/or similar technology to provide you with a more tailored and user specific experience. A "cookie" is a small amount of data that is transferred to your computer and used to store a small amount of information regarding your preferences and use of the Site. "Cookies" can only be read by the server that gave it to you, in this case, only the Commodity Business Awards Website. A "cookie" cannot contain any executable code and cannot deliver viruses. By default many web browsers are set to accept "cookies", this may be changed so that your browser either does not accept the "cookie" or notifies you when a "cookie" should be accepted. Please read the documentation associated with your web browser for details.

Links to external sites

Throughout the Commodity Business Awards Website we include links to other Websites outside of our own. These sites are external to the Commodity Business Awards Website and as such this Online Privacy Policy does not apply to these sites.