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Commodity Logistics

Logistics covers those service providers to the commodity industry specialising in supply chain management, to include warehousing and storage, transportation, and collateral management services.

Physical commodities require the management of deliveries (waterborne and overland) that are critical for profit maximisation – providing accurate, fast and complete solutions for schedulers, risk managers and senior management with a view to full accounting and regulatory control and reporting.

We are looking for innovative thinking, implemented with the latest technology and supported by value-added services in warehousing, transportation, distribution and tracking – to cover scheduling, deliveries and inventory. This requires an integrated service approach with state-of-the-art IT capabilities (deliverable as required throughout the organisation) to provide, as seamlessly as possible, control of commodity product movements.

Commodity Logisitics Awards Guide

This Awards is open to those companies providing essential storage and handling facilities as well as the IT infrastructure to manage the movement and delivery of commodity products for producers, traders and financiers. The Shortlisted Nominees will be those companies who can show an integrated approach to state-of-the-art logistics solutions.