Winners 2012

Commodity Market Development...

Commodities: Legal

The last few years have seen continual and increasing complexity for legal firms involved in the natural resource sector. This Award is open to practices and teams specialising in specific segments (such as in energy or metals) or across commodity markets – acting for companies buying and selling commodities, as well as processors, utilities, distributors, banks, funds, and trade associations; legal practices that give commodities based advice covering everything from trade finance, derivatives and project work (perhaps sitting alongside complementary capabilities such as shipping and insurance).

Contract negotiation and dispute resolution in this arena requires a deep understanding of the commodity business enabling practices to give expert advice and offer decisive action to clients. The commodity markets are, by their very nature, global fragmented marketplaces which require a 'world view' of legal requirements and practices.

Commodities: Legal Award Guide

The Shortlisted Nominees will be those firms that have made notable achievements over the last year. Tell us about your work and the innovative ways in which you have assisted clients in the complex – expertise in documenting, structuring, analysing and negotiating both physical and financial commodity agreements. New legislation and regulation are also transforming these markets and so we are looking for those firms which have led the debate for clients.