Winners 2012


Commodity Transactions Management ... 

This series of Commodity Business Awards highlights those companies supplying the essential trading and service environments for conducting commodity business.

Commodity Deal of the Year, 2012

Deal making in the commodity sector typically involves the development of secured and unsecured trade finance transactions or more advanced structured commodity financing products designed for commodity producers and trading companies, providing liquidity management and risk mitigation for the production and/or purchase and sale of raw, semi-refined or semi-processed materials. Alternatively, it could be an innovative new investment product.

Structured securities, physical supply and storage contracts, and innovative investment deal-types are what we are looking for here ... those that have shown imagination, innovation and foresight in their development.

With structured commodity finance gaining in popularity, companies and traders in the commodity producing industry have access to a whole range of alternative financing solutions, with a single, overriding goal – to provide assistance in markets where conventional methods fail. Performance risk evaluation is critical here in deal design.

Structuring commodity deals requires a comprehensive range of skills in order to appropriately value the right structure for the client, dealmakers and investors involved. Whether plain ‘vanilla’ or more complex, exotic structures, the Commodity Deal of the Year Award will be presented to the company (or companies) involved in an innovative transaction likely to set the benchmark for more to come.