Nominate Now Winners 2012

Commodity Research House of the Year, 2012

Commerzbank; Commodity Research House of the Year, 2012

Voting was extremely close in this category, but the Award for Commodity Research House of the Year 2012 goes to Commerzbank.

Commerzbank Commodity Research provides commodity strategies and price forecasts to a huge range of institutional and corporate clients across Europe, Asia and the US. Recently, Commerzbank also started advising special private wealth clients worldwide. As part of Commerzbank's economic research function, the Commodity Research team provides external and internal clients with price forecasts comprehensive market studies analyses and trading ideas. Their research also is quoted in the international media on a daily basis and members of the team present papers as key speakers at leading forums and conferences.

Despite its relatively small team size (5 people) Commerzbank’s research products are highly appreciated by clients, prospects, government officials, corporates, and the media. Their research products are innovative and often contrarian to the price forecasts available elsewhere, and are consistently reliable. Commerzbank employ a wide range of instruments combining fundamental research with chart analysis, investment flows and corporates data. Commerzbank are also actively involved in gold trading and commodity derivatives, providing them with valuable direct feedback and insight from the markets.

Commerzbank, Commodity Business Awards 2012 winner

The Award for Commodity Research House of the Year was presented to Eugen Weinberg and Marina Vlasenko by celebrated British comedian Alun Cochrane.