Winners 2015

Rewarding Excellence in ...

Emission Markets

The developing markets for emissions, associated legislation, trading systems and products are key to facilitating the curtailment of man-made greenhouse gases and the realisation of a new energy infrastructure. Whilst consideration will be given to those initiatives which have led to a reduction in GHG emissions, the scope of this award extends to all emission markets and other business areas, such as environmental education, awareness and policy.

While the main focus is on GHG emission products and their markets (including EUAs, CERs, ERUs, etc.) this emission markets award reflects the pan-emissions marketplace and is not restricted to 'traded' markets. As such, this award embraces those market-based projects, such as CDM and JI projects, which lead to positive emission reductions and technology transfer to developing markets.

The Shortlisted Nominees will be those companies with broad talent and sophisticated expertise in the emissions sector with a dedicated team of professionals offering specialised services, advice and market based solutions.