Winners 2015

Commodity Transactions Management ...

This series of Commodity Business Awards highlights those companies supplying the essential trading and service environments for conducting commodity business.

Commodity Exchange of the Year 2015

It's been an important 12 months for the Commodity Exchange community which is undergoing radical transformation. We've seen several new start-ups and the pending introduction of new collaborations between existing Exchanges and their counterparts around the world. The developing world, and its huge commodity exchange trading potential, has not been lost on incumbents who are jostling for position in these lucrative markets of the future. China, India, Singapore and others are likely candidates to take an ever increasing share of Commodity Exchange traded business.

We are also looking for nominees that have helped to shape the debate surrounding market regulation and impending legislation. The development of clearing services and other value added products should also be highlighted.

It's not just a matter of size either. Your nominee may not be a global player but if they are providing critical and innovative commodity specific services to clients we want to hear fom you.