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Commodity Market Policy & Advisory Award

The focus of market policy has increasingly moved towards natural resource market supply security and environmental sustainability. This Award will be granted to the company or institution that has shown the motivation and foresight in helping create a sustainable and secure market infrastructure for the future, with consideration given to market efficiency, reliability, transparency and competitiveness. Consideration will be given to those that have demonstrated a clear and unambiguous dedication to issues relating to natural resource market efficiency, security, integrity, supply, and sustainability.

A focus on research in the natural resource markets more generally – both from a technology and policy perspective – and in particular in the areas of market infrastructure, renewable energy, energy efficiency and other supporting technologies are essential criteria here.

Commodity Market Policy & Advisory Award Guide

Accordingly, the Shortlisted Nominees for this Award could include supranational bodies, independent 'think tanks', commodity industry associations, consultancies and regulators.