Winners 2015

Rewarding Excellence in ...

Renewable Energy Markets

Renewable energy technologies are capturing an increasingly larger share of the world's power and energy needs. The panoply of renewable energy technologies are eligible in this category including: Wind, Photovoltaics, Concentrated Solar Power, Biogas, Biomass, Geothermal, Hydropower, Ocean Energy conversion devices etc.

The development and integration of renewable energy products and systems that promote a sustainable energy infrastructure are increasingly important to both governments and consumers. One of the areas of consideration in this category is the mitigation of security of supply concerns through the promotion of renewable energy resources. Others to be considered are the development of marketing and customer relationship management programmes to promote renewables.

Consideration will be given to the challenge of introducing the right policy frameworks and financial tools to enable renewable energy to achieve its market potential. This applies both to maturing renewable energy markets in the OECD as well as in developing countries, which have significant potential for both larger scale on-grid and small scale off-grid investments, but where investment is put at risk from geopolitical, economic and regulatory risks, and the lack of developed financial markets and products.

The Shortlisted Nominees will be those companies which have excelled in the last 12 months and shown leadership in developing renewable energy markets.