Winners 2015

Commodity Market Development ...

Risk Exposure Mitigation Award

Commodity Risk Management involves a corporation or trading-centric organisation looking to optimise profitability through the financial and physical enactment of commodity products for itself or on behalf of others. This category covers participants in any or all parts of the commodity complex – it's a global Award but not awarded on the basis of multi-regional activity. A key focus will be the development of business and/or market processes and practices that advance commodity risk exposure management.

Risk management for the purposes of this Award is defined as the measurement, management and execution of risk control. Some of the major concerns important here relate to the mitigation of credit, counterparty, price and volume risk (including pre- and post-trade risk management). And with the commodity markets becoming increasingly convergent, advances in the portfolio risk management approach are also important. Risk Management starts from the point of data capture and encompasses the identification of risk and the strategic development and management of the risk process.

Risk Exposure Mitigation Award Guide

The Shortlisted Nominees will be those companies with broad talent and sophisticated expertise in risk management. As such, this Award is not limited to those companies that manage their own risks but extends to those which provide and develop risk management processes and infrastructure. Nominees are thus likely to be asset managers, traders, financial institutions, commodity exchanges, brokers, and technology specialists – those charged with providing key services and infrastructure to the commodity markets.