Winners 2015

Commodity Market Development ...

Commodity Finance & Structured Products

Commodity finance provides essential working capital (be it asset backed or otherwise) to the international trade. Structured commodity finance is a more sophisticated commodity-based technique, specifically designed for commodity producers and trading companies – where the soundness and merits of the transaction predominate.

The shortlisted nominees in this category will be those international players supporting trade flows with global connections using specialsed and accurate information sources and resources.

We are looking for inventiveness and creativity in supporting trade through strong traditional and non-traditional financial expertise. Experience matters here so firms need key contacts and networks where local knowledge is critical. We want to hear from commodity finance and structured product specialists with strong documentation and reporting skills, backed up with sound risk analysis and transaction management skills – in designing individual structures for each commodity financing opportunity.

Commodity Finance & Structured Products Award Guide

The winner will be that company which has shown it can engineer creative structured solutions and offer specialised additional services to the commodities community – from producer to distributor to processor, and the physical traders who buy and deliver commodities.