Winners 2015

Excellence in Commodity Logistics

Winner: Triple Point Technology

The Award for Commodity Logistics covers those service providers to the commodity industry specialising in supply chain management, to include warehousing and storage, transportation, and collateral management services.

Physical commodities require the management of deliveries (waterborne and overland) that are critical for profit maximisation – providing accurate, fast and complete solutions for schedulers, risk managers and senior management with a view to full accounting and regulatory control and reporting.

With over 90% of the world’s traded goods transported by sea, a critical component of successful supply chain management is the ability to manage vessel operations and freight rate volatility. Triple Point Technology (TPT) – the winner of the 2010 Excellence in Commodity Logistics category – has differentiated itself from all other CTRM software providers by enhancing its functionality with a shipping solution that works with its commodity trading and risk management platform, Commodity XL.

Commodity XL’s advanced solutions for scheduling, logistics, and commercial vessel operations manages the unique operational requirements of power, natural gas, liquids, bulk, and packaged energy and commodities. These solutions supply real-time information to traders, schedulers, risk managers, and administrators to successfully manage commodity and freight volatility and ultimately ensure a profitable supply chain.

TPT’s chartering and vessel operations software is based on mature, well-tested products obtained in its acquisition of Softmar – the premier provider of software solutions for commercial chartering and vessel operations – in January of this year, and now the chartering and vessel operations division of Triple Point Technology. The shipping division now serves over 80 blue-chip clients and more than 2,500 users throughout North America, South America, Asia, and Europe.

TPT is successfully claiming market share with a diverse group of commodity houses, energy companies, industrial manufacturers, consumer product companies, and ship owners/operators that have selected TPT to manage the supply and distribution of commodities via ocean-going vessels. These include: Maestro Shipping, Prime East, Berge Bulk, ULTRABULK, Practica Shipping, United Arab Chemical Carriers, Atlas Shipping, Navios Maritime, U-Sea Bulk, Oldendorff, Isaphia, Petredec Services, SAB Miller, Hindustan Petroleum-Mittal Energy, Gunvor International B.V., Louis Dreyfus, Bunge, Glencore, Transgrain (Nidera), and Olam International.

In 2009, TPT achieved record financial results (when other enterprise software revenue declined by 5% globally). While many of its competitors have focused solely on energy, TPT serves a diverse set of industries including consumer products, food and beverage, shipping, discreet manufacturers, and big box retailers.

TPT is a leading global provider of innovative software solutions to profitably manage commodities and enterprise risk. With a growing customer base of over 260 companies, TPT represent all industries with exposure to energy and raw material markets, including energy, metals, agriculture, shipping, consumer products, discreet manufacturers, and big box retailers. Triple Point’s repeated record revenues, profits, and software sales are fuelled by the company’s continued focus on product innovation, new market penetration, and customer satisfaction. The market is voting, and it’s saying that Triple Point Technology is a premier CTRM solution to help companies trade, move, and store commodities at a profit and with acceptable risk.

The Award for Excellence in Commodity Logistics 2010 was presented to Roger Walton, VP of Field Operations, EMEA, with Triple Point Technology by Gyles Brandreth, celebrated British author, broadcaster, actor and former Conservative Member of Parliament.

Founded in 1993, TPT employs over 600 people in 11 offices and support centres around the globe.