Winners 2015

Excellence in Commodity Data Management

Winner: DataGenic

The ability to retrieve, reconcile, manipulate, examine, and diagnose real business dynamics across the organisation requires sophisticated data management capabilities. Data Management covers those service providers who enable commodity market practitioners to build and integrate quality into their operations and product offerings by automating organisational data in such a way as to accelerate discovery, analysis, diagnosis and reporting. This ensures more sophisticated and ‘cleaner’ communication between the business units, quality assurance, and smoother IT operations.

The ability to identify and understand aggregated commodity risk exposures is critical using data manipulation to allow customised views of the business. This is particularly important for those organisations that have multiple data sources and formats coming from different operational silos and providers. Allowing these sometime disparate inputs to be reconciled, thus consolidating results, is a focus here – that is, systems integration to better manage workflows. In this way, all relevant information can be aggregated and examined so that managers can act quickly. Pricing, reference data, data for analysis, decision support, trading, risk management, position optimisation, scheduling, storage, operations, sales, and reporting – integrated across the firm. The ability to reconcile and manipulate data has become all the more critical as the demands put on the industry from competitive peers and the regulators increases.

DataGenic’s Genic Data Manager is an end-to-end software solution for the integration, cleansing, enrichment and distribution of all types of data, enabling their clients to meet these complex requirements. It provides an off-the-shelf solution whilst allowing clients to customise and configure the service to meet their particular needs.

From a low-cost entry level to a full enterprise strength system, DataGenic is setting a new standard in data management and operational efficiency by delivering the system infrastructure, flexibility and features to empower all business functions – transforming data into a strategic asset.

DataGenic has led the way in allowing commodity business to flourish and progress in this increasingly complex environment. DataGenic have raised the bar in the last year for their clients: Full system support for today’s international regulatory regulations with ease of extension, business process management, full data and process dashboards and alerts, real-time multi-asset class forward curve construction and management, data license management, enterprise data quality management application, artificial intelligence module incorporating business rules management with natural language interpretation and processing and OLAP reporting – eight applications on one fully integrated platform.

"Not only does our continual product R&D spend help clients in their daily trading and risk management operations, it ensures they can leverage data as a key strategic and competitive advantage,” says Richard Quigley, DataGenic Managing Director.

The voters and Awards Panel were suitably impressed, making DataGenic this year’s deserved recipient of the Award for Excellence in Commodity Data Management.

The Award for Excellence in Commodity Data Management 2010 was presented to Mr. Richard Quigley, Managing Director of DataGenic by Gyles Brandreth, celebrated British author, broadcaster, actor and former Conservative Member of Parliament